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We listened to over 2,500 people and heard that people don’t feel as connected as they once were, and this has affected our resilience and our confidence to deal with life’s unknowns.

So in 2016, we toured eight of Australia’s urban, regional and rural areas asking community and resilience experts what resilience means and what it takes to create more of it in a community.

While each community is different, there were common threads between what helped create resilience, including the type of activities, and what gets in the way.  Here’s a quick summary of the process and what we discovered:

Step 1

step 1

We went to 8 cities and spoke to 200+ experts

Step 2

step 2

They helped us to define resilience and what creates it

Step 3

step 3

They helped us identify over 500 existing initiatives already bringing out the good in different ‘hoods.

Here's a summary of what we discovered

Process Summary

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