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Local groups who gather intermittently or regularly around preparing for flood, fire and other potential disasters and challenges.

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GIVIT makes giving easy via its free online giving portal, enabling everyday Australians to see exactly what items are required by vulnerable members of their local community.
GIVIT manages all donated goods and services following natural disasters in QLD and WA.

The Roadmap to a desertSMART Town is a blueprint for making Alice Springs a resilient and vibrant desertSMART town. The first 'Roadmap to a DesertSMART Town' was developed in 2005 through community consultation in Alice Springs. This document was evaluated in 2013, and an updated Roadmap was developed in consultation with more than 70 local experts in the areas of energy, water, food, waste, transport and planning (built environment).

A bold, ethical and socially responsible innovation in housing.  By creating unique partnerships between not-for-profit landowners and social impact investors, CapitalAsset Developments safely unlock land and under-used buildings, adding value while achieving both social outcomes and market rate returns.

A low-cost networked fire alarm designed to protect informal settlements around the globe.

A team of local residents living near fire-prone areas that prepare their community and property when a bushfire threatens.

Volunteering Reimagined gives people greater flexibility to help communities through spontaneous volunteering opportunities in storms and floods.