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We know people living in connected and resilient communities are happier and more confident.  They help each other grow in good times and recover from the bad.

The way we see it, resilience is a process, and it starts with hello.

So how can we help more neighbours say that first hello and get more connected?

Good ‘Hoods is about creating connections and a sense of pride in where you live.  It’s about finding the other people in your ‘hood who want to work together to create a resilient community.

It’s about showcasing great resilience-building initiatives that can be replicated in other communities, so the good can grow all over Australia.

The more ‘hoods that are like this will help us become a nation that is ready for anything.

We have already collected hundreds of great initiatives from community and resilience leaders and experts from all around Australia.

Find an initiative

You can also find out more about the process or add an initiative.



At IAG our purpose is to make your world a safer place.

IAG is Australia and New Zealand’s largest general insurance company with household brands such as NRMA Insurance, CGU, SGIO, SGIC, Swann and WFI.

For almost 200 years, we’ve been working with communities to understand and prevent accidents and loss. 

It makes sense for us to help communities be more resilient. We believe we have a role in not only supporting individuals and communities when something goes wrong, but identifying ways we can help build community resilience to avoid incidents happening in the first place.

We do this using a Shared Value approach – tackling social issues in a way that not only helps the community but makes commercial sense.

We have developed new products and services, and also partnered with organisations to help reduce the impact of unexpected events and natural disasters, which benefits society but also helps reduce claims costs.

Good ‘Hoods is just one of the ways we are helping to make your world a safer place. For more information about IAG, visit our website.

We need your help to get this started.

This time of year gives us a great excuse to say hi. Perhaps you already do something with people in your ‘hood, in which case the job is half done.

If not, try to connect with your neighbours this summer.  Share a BBQ, game of cricket, or whatever works for you, and invite others in your area to come along.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a simple how to guide, and the first 200 to register their BBQ will receive a $50 supermarket voucher to help get the food and drink sorted.