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Since the beginning of human interaction, the act of gathering, preparing and sharing food has brought people together.

The ongoing ‘foodie’ revolution has opened people up to tasting more exotic cuisine, and the accessibility of different recipes means anyone can prepare new food for themselves and their community.

Someone who’s really tapped into this is our friend Penny Elsley, founder of joiningthedots and The Welcome Dinner Project – which brings together a collection of newly arrived and established Australians over dinner in a volunteers’ home. The project aims to use food as a centrepiece to the conversation; breaking down barriers and hopefully making disconnected members of the community feel ‘at home’. You can read Penny’s full interview here

Keen to attend a Welcome Dinner in your area? You can register your name for an event on the WDP website. 

Got a great idea, or have a foodie program building connection in your local community already in swing? Add it here.


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